21 February 2015

Lion Air Delay in Indonesia

Delay Causes Severe: A/C Lion Air in Route Jakarta - Semarang Hit By Bird

The cause of the delay Lion Air flight mass among other plane hit a bird (bird strike). The plane is Lion Air JT 506 from Jakarta - Semarang, but now it has been operating aircraft again.

GM Angkasa Pura I Ahmad Yani Airport Priyo Jatmiko stated birds get into aircraft engines on Wednesday (18/2) and then after take off from Soekarno-Hatta 11:30 pm.

"It was a flight from Jakarta to Semarang after take off from Jakarta. hit (bird strike) in Jakarta, because it is still possible to fly, it remains flown to Semarang," Priyo said when contacted by AFP on Friday (02/20/2015).

The plane landed normally at Ahmad Yani Airport around 12:00 pm and immediately get treatment. The next day, Thursday (19/2), the plane was declared operationally feasible.

"On the 19th, at 03.00, was ready to fly. It was also the plane can be operationalized," said Priyo.

Priyo added, it maximizes the airport services including overseeing abundance of airline Lion Air passengers were moved to other airlines.

"If there is a Lion Air flight that was delayed much remains we serve include the transfer to another plane no problem, we also monitor to remain normal," he said

From the observation GPClick, the current passenger Lion Air began crowding the airline counter. They asked a long delay and refund procedures tikt for Lion Air to Jakarta.

On Wednesday (18/2) night, Operations Director of Lion Air, Daniel Putu, explaining the cause of delay airline. "In Semarang no Lion Air plane that hit birds aka bird strike, the aircraft experienced no technical problems so we schedule maintenance, there FOD third," said Daniel.

FOD is a Foreign Object Damage ie aircraft suffered damage caused by the penetration of foreign objects.

Head Of Corporate Secretary Lion Group Capt Dwiyanto Ambarhidayat in a press release received by AFP on Friday (02/20/2015) stated, "There are three of our aircraft are subject to Foreign Object Damage (FOD) on Wednesday morning and this led to a barrage of flight schedule Lion becomes disturbed. "

Minister Jonan: If Less Satisfied to Lion Air, Please Ask Lawsuit

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Ignatius Jonan has been reprimanded and will call the Lion Air today. If there are people who are not satisfied with Lion Air, please take legal action.

"If people are not satisfied, so please be civil lawsuit filed its own. " said Jonan.

The announcement was made Jonan when interviewed by reporters at the TNI Headquarters Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Friday (02/20/2015). He was in the military headquarters to sign MoU with relevant military perbantuan demand for military personnel seconded to the Ministry of Transportation, National Vital security related objects (Obvitnas).

Lion Air is highlighted sharply because thousands of prospective passengers to various routes abandoned since Wednesday (18/2) until today. The airline also often complained because of poor service, such as the case of lost luggage passengers.

Jonan any comment regarding the number of complaints about poor airline service owned by members of the Wantimpres Meanwhile Kirana.

"We already have the service standards that must be followed, if it is violated, we find so we put on sanctions, fines wear and so on, a warning letter. So many more to fines if (offense) such as services, hospitality, "said Jonan.

"We've created a standard of service, it is only to be followed by all operators," said Jonan.

Jonan said he had been reprimanded and will call the Lion Air today. Airlines which has the tagline 'We Make People Fly' was supposed to have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for passenger handling of the crisis.